Travelling between Britain and The Philippines is very easy, although at the moment there are no direct flights between the UK and The Philippines. Pre-Paid Calling Cards

Travelling within Britain is very easy as is travelling around the Philippines, although The Philippines does have some very interesting and unique travel jeepney1

There are many airlines and flight operators offering flights between The Philippines and the UK. We will have specific travel pages for the Uk and for The Philippines. These are under construction at the moment.

Hotels in both the Philippines and the UK can be to a high standard. As ever you get what you pay for in both countries.


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For other flights, hotels and tourist spots in the Philippines information, please see relevant pages

Philippine airlines entertainment

Philippine Airlines – PAL

Philippine Airlines (PAL) is the national flag carrying airline of the Philippines and the oldest commercial airline in Asia, and Philippine Airlines has plenty to boast about. They offer a huge domestic network, serving 31 destinations in the Philippines, and also flies to 36 destinations across the Middle East, Oceania, North America, Europe, Southeast and …

Philippines guide books

Philippines Guide Books

Philippines guide books are a must whether you are a seasoned business traveller or a tourist flying to the Philippines for the first time. The country has a unique culture, welcoming people, a thriving business community and geography and tourist spots which are in a class of their own. Click on the link to purchase …

Philippine Time - Look no hands

Time in Philippines Now

Time in Philippines is one of the first questions people ask in relation to the Philippines. What time is it in the Philippines?    Here is the current time: Time now in the Philippines      The Philippines is approximately equidistant from the west coast of the USA and the UK & Europe. So there is quite …

UK Guide Books

A selection of UK Guide Books to restaurants, hotels, tourist spots in London and the rest of the UK. Visiting London and the UK is easy with the right selection of guide books to steer you through the sights and locations of this great country.  You may also want to get the mobile app for …

Philippine airlines london to manila

Cheap flights to Manila

Travelling to Manila, Philippines can be expensive but there are always cheap flights to Manila on offer at, pretty much, all times of the year. All the big name airlines go to Manila, but at the moment the only airline with direct flights from the UK to Manila is Philippine Airlines commonly known as PAL. Flight time …

Cheap flights to London

Finding cheap flights to London is now much easier since Philippine Airlines started daily direct flights to Manila from London. All other options involve changing planes somewhere en route. From the best of in-flight entertainment, comfortable seats to delicious cuisines, Philippine Airlines offers loads of amenities to passengers. The airline has two classes: Business Class …

Hotels in Manila

There are many good hotels in Manila, particularly in the central business district of Makati. There is everything from 5 star luxury to cheaper alternatives. The prices are generally much lower than equivalents in Britain and there are often special offers available which makes hotels in Manila very affordable.Manila offers numerous deluxe hotels. The “tourist …

Philippine airlines domestic routes

Philippines Domestic Flights Planner

This Philippines Domestic flights planner will help you navigate the philippines which consists of some 7,000 islands and getting around relies heavily on flight operators between the islands. there are currently six major flight operators offering flights to most parts of the country. Manila is, of course, the main flight hub where the majority of international flights …

Hotels in London

There are plenty of hotels in London to suit all budgets although the London hotel prices are higher than you will be used to in the Philippines. All the major international hotel chains are present as well as a great selection of boutique and affordable hotels in London. The Intercontinental Hotel Group has a number …

white boat on tropical bantayan island in philippines

Tourist spots in the Philippines

After a long day at work, discover some of the top tourist spots in the Philippines. They can be remarkably cheap, easy to get to and have world-class leisure facitities. Some boast some of the best dive sites in the world. There are very popular tourist spots in the Philippines and some which are less …

Philippines asia map

Where Are The Philippines?

Where are the Philippines is a question asked by a lot of people! I was prompted to write this page when I discovered that according to Google, around 2,400 people a month ask this question on its search engine. That’s approximately 80 people every day ask Google “Where are the Philippines?” If you include the …

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