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Cheap flights to London

Finding cheap flights to London can be a challenge as there are currently no direct flights from The Philippines to London, or indeed to the UK. You will have to change planes somewhere en route which can be in Europe, the Middle East or S.E. Asia. Flights to London are shorter than to many places in the United States. Flying time is typically 18 – 19 hours with a stop to change planes at a major airport hub. Transfers can be made in South East Asia, the Middle East or in Europe.

Cheap flights to London

Most of the major airlines will provide a flight plan based on their own hub airport, but not all can offer best value to London. So it’s your choice based on where you want to change, your favourite airline or cost.

One great option is to fly Qatar Airways and have a stopover in Qatar They have some fabulous deals , promotional fares, and at the moment some options for cheap flights to London.

Availability will usually be a major factor in chosing cheap flights to London. There can be quite wide differences in price for the same journey from different airlines.

Update: Philippine Airlines is now flying direct between London Heathrow and Manila offering the only direct service between UK and Philippines. Subject to agreeing daily slots at Heathrow airport, PAL plan to provide a daily service between London and Manila. The service started in 2014 and currently offers five flights per week.


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