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Mission Statement and Forward Strategy

     The Philippine British Business Council exists both to create and to add value to the trade, investment and business links between Britain and the Philippines.  It will not duplicate the work of existing trade and investment promotion and institutions, but will add a new level of creativity and initiative based on the business acumen, experience and contacts of its members.  The Council will have a mix of large global firms and small and medium enterprises from both countries.  The Council will be business-led with its members drawn from senior decision-making levels of companies taking part.  Based on the above mission statement, the following guidelines will chart the future course of the PBBC. 

(1) The Council derives its existence from the mandate of the two Governments and this remains the basis of its work.  The Council will report to the Philippines Minister of Trade and the UK Minister for Trade and Investment.
 (2) the success of the Council’s work will depend on the active commitment of the businessmen who comprise its members.  All members will be expected to play a vigorous part, either as Sub-Committee Chairmen or in other supportive roles which facilitate new business opportunities, in the period between meetings;
(3) membership should have equal numbers from both countries and be regularly refreshed to bring in both new areas of business and fresh ideas.  The Council should always have some SMEs among its members;
(4) the Council should continue to pursue a sectoral rather than across-the-board approach, identifying business sectors which offer particular promise for UK/Philippine collaboration.  Once new initiatives in individual sectors have been brought to a self-sustaining level, management of them should be handed on to trade associations and other similar bodies to pursue;
(5) the Council should aim to add new sectors at regular intervals, while taking care not to overload itself with commitments;
(6) drawing more SMEs into the market is a high priority for the Council;
(7) the Council accords high priority to encouraging inward investment in both directions;
(8) in the same context, an attempt should be made to track business actually achieved as a result    of the PBBC’s efforts by encouraging member companies and those on missions or attending seminars to report results;
(9) the Council should continue to work closely with the Philippine Ministry of Trade, UK Trade & Investment and the respective Embassies coordinating new initiatives with them in advance to ensure that the necessary support can be made available;
(10) Council members should make the effort to attend meetings with visiting Ministers or Council Members from each others’ countries, and any local meeting of council members.  Failure to attend any such meetings in a two year period will lead to termination of membership
The structure of the Council is as follows:
(a) Two Co-Chairmen  
(b) There should be an approximately equal number of executives representing small and large businesses 
(c) There should be 3 or 4 subcommittees for specific sectors as agreed between the two Co-Chairmen, with each committee Co-chaired by representatives from each country. 
(d) UK Trade & Investment and the Makati Business Club will provide organisational support to the Council
(e) The Co-Chairmen will meet annually and will try to ensure members are kept informed of visits and sub-committee activities.  Each Co-Chairman will arrange a meeting of home Council members annually to review the progress of the Council.
(f) The Sub-Committee Chairmen will meet with the respective Co-Chairmen and Government representatives annually to report on their activities. 

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