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Make it Happen in the Philippines

We are now a week away from the official launch of the ‘Make it Happen in the Philippines campaign’.  To make sure you don’t forget, save the date in your calendars. 

makati philippines
Makati city skyline. Makati city is one of the most developed business district of metro Manila and the entire Philippines.
Make it happen in The Philippines
Campaign Launch Event Join us on 24 November 2020
The international campaign launch event will include a number of high profile speakers and partners, such as officials of the Philippine government and members of the international and Philippine business community.
  We will be joined by key government officials, including President Rodrigo Duterte who will deliver a keynote speech to members of the local & international business community and media   You will find out about business opportunities in the country and our attractive business environment. You will also hear how the Filipino workforce’s resilience and determination have contributed to the expansion and success of foreign companies in the Philippines despite the pandemic.
Make it happen in The Philippines


Celebrate with us virtually by joining the interactive online event on 24 November 2020 via Zoom, simultaneously live-streamed on Facebook and LinkedIn:    3:00 PM (Philippines/China) 4:00 PM (Japan/ Korea)  7:00 AM (UK)  8:00 AM (Europe)  11:00 PM (US – West Coast) 
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Philippines Salary Benchmark 2020

We are pleased to present The Michael Page Philippines Salary Benchmark 2020 Report

Philippines progresses with game-changing reforms

“Digital transformation continues to be a hot topic, and those bringing a solid track record in this area should garner more advantage”

Carla Lastimosa , Director , Michael Page Philippines

One of Michael Page’s newest focus markets in Asia-Pacific, the Philippines presents significant opportunities for our partners This is in view of its recent return to stability and growth as well as the possibility of an even stronger decade ahead

With a 10-year average GDP growth of 5.5%, and the World Bank forecasting growth of 61% and 62% in 2020 and 2021 respectively, we believe our growing range of focus markets will continue to show promise, in spite of mixed predictions on the global front

Fortunately for the Philippines, lower inflation rates and a host of business incentives have seen more global businesses enter the market particularly those in the Technology, Manufacturing and FMCG areas We foresee continued strong opportunities for returning talent who have relevant international experience to enhance the domestic workforce

As with all markets, digital transformation continues to be a hot topic, and those bringing a solid track record in this area should garner more advantage; as will those with proven technology experience. This is especially evident in a market where Finance and Sales disciplines express interest in hiring ex-tech company professionals with experience in the mobile and e-commerce spheres Hiring managers in the Philippines will continue to seek experts in Finance, HR and Marketing, particularly those with data analytics and trend-spotting abilities These hires are typically able to identify market opportunities with enough

confidence to excel at stakeholder management

In addition, we firmly believe that business leaders with a convincing growth story combined with sound organisational development strategies will see more success in employee retention

We look forward to helping you expand your business horizons even further in the year ahead

Philippines salary benchmark

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REBUILD PH: Revitalizing Businesses, Investments, Livelihoods, and Domestic Demand

Seminar on 4th August 2020 organised by British Chamber of Commerce (Manila) with Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon M. Lopez

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PBBC Letter to Philippines Ambassador

Peter Beckingham, Chairman of the PBBC, and Chris Nelson, Executive Director British Chamber of Commerce Philippines, write to the Philippines Ambassador to the UK concerning the contribution of Philippines medical staff working in the UK helping fight the Covi-19 pandemic.

Philippines Medics

Letter to Philippines Ambassador to UK

TO: HIs Excellency Ambassador A Lagdameo,

Philippine Ambassador to The United Kingdom

 16th June 2020

Dear Ambassador

            We want, on behalf of the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines and the U.K. arm of the Philippine British Business Council, to express our organisations’ admiration for the work of Philippine nurses and carers in the British healthcare system since the start of the virus. We know that thousands of Filipinos have worked tirelessly through the epidemic supporting hospitals and care homes, and that tragically some thirty have already lost their lives as a result.

Please could you pass on our deepest condolences to the relatives and friends of those Filipinos who have passed away, and our thanks for the work of so many Philippine workers whose hard work, commitment and bravery has helped to ensure that our health system continues to function. 

 Yours sincerely,

 Peter Beckingham, Chair, Philippines British Business Council, London, UK.

 Chris Nelson, Executive Director British Chamber of Commerce Philippines, Manila, Philippines.

 Cc :    Richard Graham, MP, Prime Minister’s Trade Representative to the Philippines;

Ambassador Daniel Pruce, British Embassy, Manila

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