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Time in Philippines Now

Time in Philippines is one of the first questions people ask in relation to the Philippines. What time is it in the Philippines?    Here is the current time:

Time now in the Philippines   


The Philippines is approximately equidistant from the west coast of the USA and the UK & Europe. So there is quite a time difference from both those regions to the Philippines.

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Canny companies can make use of this time difference to great advantage. By offshoring work to the Philippines, work can be sent to the Philippines at close of business one day and it will have had a full day’s effort put in on it before the start of business the next day. This makes for a very efficient round the clock working scenario which can speed up many types of projects and processes.

Time in Philippines , however, proceeds at different paces throughout the Philippines. In the major cities including metro Manila, time rushes by as in many time zones throughout the world. In the remote provinces, time in the Philippines proceeds at a much slower pace where business and leisure activities slow down to the local pace of life.

Look No Hands

To illustrate this latter point, I found this clock in a hotel in Subic Bay where the pace is so slow you don’t need any hands on the clock. Things happen as and when.

time in Philippines - Look no hands


“Look no hands” has a whole new meaning in the Philippines!