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Tourism sector in the Philippines

The tourism sector in the Philippines is growing fast. As the number of international flights find their way to the Philippines increases, more and more hotels and resorts are opening themselves up to an international tourist market. Some of the major international hotel chains operate in the Philippines and an increasing number of hotel operators are examining the opportunities that the natural environment provides for international tourism.

Many international flight operators have flights to the Philippines. At the moment Philippine Airlines (PAL)provide the only direct flights from the UK to the Philippines. Because of that, tourist visitor numbers are up by 11% over the last year. PAL is now flying daily direct flights from London to Manila.

Philippine airlines london to manila

There are many well developed hotels and resorts scattered around the Philippines 7,107 islands, with concentration of hotels in a few popular resorts. See some of the top tourist spots in the Philippines for examples of the hotel developments already in existence.

There are all types of hotels from backpacker facilities to 5 star luxury hotels to cater for every taste. Tourism investment is being actively encouraged by the government. We present here some available information on tourism and hotel development opportunities.



Invest in Philippine Tourism


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