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We are pleased to announce a new Travel and Tourism section containing flights, hotels and tourist spot information about the Philippines and the UK.
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Getting to the Philippines is very easy despite there being no direct flights between the UK and the Philippines. A large number of airlines provide flights, changing at their main hub. The Middle East airlines provide a very good service, involving a stop somewhere in the middle east. This can be Dubai, Qatar or several other locations. The South East Asia airlines also provide good flight options changing in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong. Then there are the European airlines with changes in most European countries from which you can take a direct flight to Manila.

Hotel accommodation in the Philippines comes in a wide variety of options from the very basic to five star luxury hotels in the main cities and tourist resorts. All the major hotel chains are in the Philippines so there is plenty of choice and you will find your favourite hotel chain there. Booking hotels is very easy through the major hotel booking engines. We have selected a couple of the hotel booking operators and included them on this page for ease of hotel booking. Agoda is a South East Asia specialist hotel booking system and the Intercontinental Hotel Group has several hotel chains within its group from which to choose.
There are many world-class tourist spots in the Philippines. Too many for us to mention them all here. But take a look at some of the top tourist spots in the Philippines and, if time permits on your business trip to the Philippines, it is very easy to take time out, take an internal flights and relax at one of the top resort hotels.

The travel and tourism will section expand the information available so please bookmark the section and take advantage of the information there.





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