Vehicle Electronics and Big Data in The Philippines

One of the journalists who came with the Business Delegation to the Philippines in November 2015 was Steve Rogerson, the editor of Vehicle Electronics magazine and the M2Mzone website.

Steve has been to the Philippines several times and is knowledgeable about business in the Philippines.

He has published two articles as a direct result of his visit with the PBBC.

The first is an excellent summary of the Philippines in the Vehicle Electronics magazine:

read the article here:

If anyone is interested in the increasingly complex and sophisticated electronics in current and future cars, then I highly recommend the Vehicle Electronics magazine which can be found here:

The second is ” PLDT strategy to use big data to transform the Philippines” and it can be found here:

PLDT is the Philippines Long Distance Telecommunications company and the article discusses the way they intend to make use of Big Data to provide a range of services to the population and businesses in the Philippines. PLDT is the equivalent to BT in the UK and is the major telecoms supplier in the Philippines.

Steve can be contacted via either of these websites.

Additionally, Steve has just written a very interesting application of IOT (Internet of Things) technology to keep track of endangered dugongs in the Philippines. A UK based company has created a novel app which is used by local fishermen in the Philippines to record locations of sightings of the rare dugong which will in turn help with the conservation of these vulnerable marine animals.

You can read it here at


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