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A person cannot run with money in his pockets. He must
run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.                 
– Emil Zatopak                   
A necessary Introduction – The First step

The Sama-Sama Cup (Tagalog for ‘together’) idea was conceived in Boracay, Philippines on November 9th 2011. It was executed only six weeks later and looked far from perfect. It did however; achieve its purpose of providing a level playing field for all. More than that, it gave permission for dreams to be told and imaginations to soar.
It was only a first step. Except, even the greatest of all journeys, starts with but one single step.
As a global society, we’ve started to invest in the development of our most vulnerable people, but this development is often internalised and constricted. We fight tirelessly to reach those at the bottom only to then tell them, ‘you can do better, but only a little better’. Football breeds character and big hearts – the only thing required to achieve big dreams. We don’t improve lives; we empower individuals to transform their own life and the lives of those around them.   
The Sama-Sama Event goes beyond helping one individual; it’s about creating a foundational ecosystem for opportunity and growth in independent communities across the world. It’s about connecting people and leveraging human potential through investment, belief, support and equal access to opportunity.

The Sama-Sama Cup is predicated on the notion that people want to help one another. Through the remarkable work of partner NGOs, we are closing the achievement gap, one person at a time. The EACH ONE REACH ONE (ER²) pledge, signed by all participants is a movement of people who believe in and are committed to supporting global social mobility; because ‘we’re all better off when we’re all better off’. We believe that everyone should have a level playing field to follow their dreams and that no one person has the right to limit those dreams. 
Yours with great respect and faithfulness,
Marko Kasic
Founder, Sama-Sama Cup


To connect young heroics from the very BoP with peers at middle/top of pyramid and
create an ecosystem for greater personal dreams and collective global social

By creating the world’s biggest socially-inclusive Biennial football led gathering taking
place in the world’s most desirable locations for a clearly defined social and business
return and to foster global citizenship.

Option #1 Copacabana Beach, Rio, Brazil 2014 – The ‘other World’ Cup
Option #2 White, Boracay, Philippines – 2014 – The beautiful game played on the
world’s most beautiful beach 

To be held biennially – date decided according to local conditions. 2014 pre-event to
take place May 2014 in Manila, Philippines and event proper to take place in Boracay,
For Brazil, full event to be scheduled in Rio de Jeneiro.

There is no mechanism in place that successfully connects those at the BoP with those
at the top without it being built on philanthropy, charity, pity or dependence. By using
the universal appeal of Football, The Sama-Sama Cup will bring dignity, respect,
ownership and most importantly, genuine opportunity to places where it is most

Our world has mega problems; from global wealth disparity, conflict, corruption,
systematic economic failings, civil insubordination are just some. This event is the first
step to moving to a more global community where no group are left behind or
excluded. It is not the solution to the mega problems, but it is the first step, and we
need a first step. 

“Sport has the power to change the world,
the power to inspire, the power to unite
people in a way that little else can”. 
– Nelson Mandela  

The Opportunity – Principal Partner 
To become the exclusive principal partner for the 2014, 2016 and 2018 Sama-
Sama Cup. 
To align your brand with the world’s biggest ever socially-inclusive football
event and build a global corporate social investment model  
Position your brand at forefront of a pioneering economic development model
promoting opportunity, not charity 
Receive global PR, build reputational equity, local presence and gain political
influence across strategically aligned frontier and emerging markets 
Set-up your business for a unique community-based business model that can be
adopted to any new market 
  Show the world your company cares – really cares about giving a foundational
opportunity to people living at the BoP. 
To leverage your CR with the explosion of the sport-for-development sector and
commercially benefit from opportunities across the world 

To foster and support a global movement toward personal growth and
achievement and take the lead on breakthrough capitalism. 
Seize the ‘better world’ mega trend by taking ownership of the world’s foremost
movement to support the social mobility of the bottom billion 
Form strategic partnerships with global NGOs and international leaders and
leverage new business opportunities

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