Jollibee Foods Corporation – UK Business Franchise Opportunity

Introduction to Jollibee Foods Corporation (Philippines) Jollibee logo

Jollibee is the largest fast food chain in the Philippines, operating a nationwide network of over 900 stores. A dominant market leader in the Philippines, Jollibee enjoys the lion’s share of the local market that is more than all the other multinational brands combined. The company has embarked on an aggressive international expansion plan in the USA, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Brunei and Singapore, firmly establishing itself as a growing international QSR player. It is now focussed on Europe looking at the UK and Italy in the first instance.

A company that values family

Jollibee was founded by Tony Tan and his family with its humble beginnings as an Ice Cream Parlour which later grew into an emerging global brand. At the heart of its success is a family-oriented approach to personnel management, making Jollibee one of the most admired employers in the region with an Employer of the Year Award from the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines, Best Employer in the Philippines Award from Hewitt Associated and a Top 20 Employer in Asia citation from the Asian Wall Street Journal. Aside from promoting a family oriented work environment, the brand’s values also reflect on their advertising and marketing. Jollibee knows their target audience very well: the traditional family and all communication materials focus on the importance of family values, making Jollibee the number one family fast food chain in the Philippines and a growing international QSR player.

A Well-Loved Brand

Customer satisfaction has always been key to Jollibee’s success. Never losing sight of its goals, Jollibee has grown to be one of the most recognized and highly preferred brands in the Philippines. Now the market leader among fast food chains in the Philippines, claiming a market share that totals to more than half of the entire industry.

Great tasting products and quality systems

Jollibee’s growth is due to its delicious menu line-up – like its superior-tasting Chickenjoy, mouth-watering Yumburger and Champ hamburger, and deliciously satisfying Jollibee Spaghetti -ably complemented with creative marketing programs, and efficient manufacturing and logistics facilities. It is made possible by well-trained teams that work in a culture of integrity and humility, fun and family-like. Every Jollibee outlet welcomes customers with a clean and warm in-store environment and friendly and efficient service. And it is this tried and tested formula of delivering great-tasting food, adherence to world class operating standards and the universal appeal of the family values the brand represents that are driving the expansion of Jollibee both locally and in the overseas market.

Widest store network in the Philippines and an emerging global player

Jollibee is the largest fast food chain in the Philippines, operating a nationwide network of more than 750 stores. A dominant market leader in the Philippines, Jollibee enjoys the lion’s share of the local market that is more than all the other multinational brands combined. The company has also embarked on an aggressive international expansion plan, and currently has 80 stores outside the Philippines-USA (26), Vietnam (32), Brunei (11), Jeddah (7), Qatar, Hong Kong, and Kuwait (1 each), firmly establishing itself as a growing international QSR player.

A Triumph for and of the Filipino and a source of Filipino pride.

Jollibee dedicated its continuous success to the Filipinos who have been there from the very start. Jollibee is so well-loved everytime a new store opens, especially overseas, Filipinos always form long lines to the store. It is more than home for them. It is a stronghold of heritage and monument of Filipino pride.
Interested in being a Jollibee Franchisee in the UK? – then you will need to be:

An entrepreneur who is self-driven
Able to devote time to oversee the day-to-day operation of the restaurant
Willing to undergo full-time training on restaurant operations
Ability to fund the investment requirement (USD450-800k)
(Jollibee ideally like their franchisees to have a minimum net worth of USD5 million).

Apply now for Jollibee franchising!

Further information, a Franchise application form and assistance preparing a proposal are available. However, Jollibee are sending senior staff to London in the first full week of July 2017 and are extremely keen to meet interested parties face-to-face. If you would like to discuss this opportunity with senior staff of Jollibee then please contact Eamonn Staunton (Jollibee’s Representative in the UK and Member of the Philippines British Business Council) on 020 3723 5772 (landline), 07544 431642 or by email to immediately.

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Green Energy Technology Trade Mission

EU Gateway | Business Avenues has organised a Green Energy Technology Trade Mission to Singapore and the Philippines from 23-27 October 2017.renewable energy

Selected European companies will leverage on B2B meetings with potential local partners in both countries and benefit from the support of the EU. This Trade Mission will take place concurrently with the Singapore International Energy Week 2017 (SIEW) giving participants the opportunity to join the exhibition in Singapore.

Visit the event website for more information and to register your interest.

Deadline for applications is 16 June 2017.

Check out the market opportunities for green technology in the Philippines in this link below.


Financial Support from the European Union 

The European Union encourages your commitment to the ASEAN market by co-financing the following:

Accommodation: the European Union provides co-financing of up to €1,000 for six nights of accommodation at the designated Mission hotel (Check-in: Monday; Check-out: Friday) during the Mission week in Singapore and the Philippines.
Details on the Mission hotel and how to book accommodation will be available after selection.
Customised services: the EU co-finances 80% of the cost of Customised Services up to a maximum of €1,000.
Costs to be covered by participating companies  Participating companies will be responsible for arranging and financing: 

Flights to/from Singapore and the Philippines and travel within these two countries.  Please note that you should anticipate checking in to the mission hotel on Sunday and checking out on the following Friday in order to be present at the mandatory Briefing Session (Monday afternoon) and Debriefing Session (Friday evening).
All insurance related to travel accommodation and business in Singapore and the Philippines.

Further Information

You can read more about the programme on the EU Business Avenues in South East Asia website:

To discuss any aspect of application or participation with a representative from the European coaching network, please contact the following:

See the mission documentation in this link below


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Asia TECH Summit 2017

Visit Asia TECH Summit 2017 to learn how your business can prosper — or at least save it from being wiped out.

Join us Thursday, June 22 at the Manila Marriott — a full-day event.  

Asia TECH Summit 2017, presented by SPi Global, with Elite Sponsorship by JLL, Regus, Sprout Solutions and TechOne Global features the elite of the industry that is revolutionizing everything it touches and laying waste to companies and business concepts in place for decades.

The theme of Asia TECH Summit 2017 is “Pardon the Inconvenience . . .   Making the World Better.” Presenters are many of the most prominent industry leaders speaking on diverse topics:

+Ratan Datta, CEO of SPi Global, will tell how he is transforming the nation’s most successful homegrown BPO company.

+Dan Ternes, CTO of Delta Capital, intends to show how FinTech will be the end of traditional banking.

+Pradeep Bhanotha, CEO of AIG Shared Services, will share his challenges at the world’s most successful IT Shared Services organization.

+Lars Jeppesen, CEO of TechOne Global, the regional tech powerhouse, will explain cyber security and the other threats we all face.

+Miguel Cuneta, of SCI, will finally explain Bitcoin and the outrageous changes that cyber currencies are causing. +Gian Javelona, CEO of OrangeApps, was recently recognized in the Forbes 30 Under 30 for his fantastic startup success.

+Dustin Andaya, CEO of Island Rose, is called the “King of Roses” and dominates the online flower business in Philippines.

+Magellan Fetalino, CEO of Acudeen, won a US$500k grand prize for his company’s innovative FinTech solutions.

+Rey Chumacera, CEO of GHL Systems, runs one of the nation’s largest payment providers.

Be with us for Asia TECH Summit 2017, presented by SPi Global, with Elite Sponsorship by JLL, Regus, Sprout Solutions and TechOne Global featuring the nation’s most important technology leaders.

REGISTER at this location:



Speakers for Asia TECH Summit 2017 include (in approximate order of appearance):

Ratan Datta
President and Chief Executive Officer

SPi GlobalPRESENTER: Ratan runs the world leader in technology-driven solutions for the extraction, enrichment and transformation of content and one of the nation’s most storied companies. Dramatic changes has dictated that Ratan must completely re-invent SPi as a technology company in order to remain the industry leader.
Magellan Fetalino
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Acudeen TechnologiesPRESENTER: Magellan runs the first online technology marketplace in Philippines that helps SME companies get access to operating capital from financial institutions by getting paid early for their receivables. Acudeen was big recent winner of US$500,000 grand prize from Seedstars competition. He is also a partner of Original Pitch Venture Capital firm.
Dan Ternes
Chief Technology Officer, Asia

Delta CapitalPRESENTER: Dan works with many of the world’s largest banking organizations to implement fintech solutions that are re-inventing the global industry (and saving it from being disruptive to extinction).
Rey Chumacera
Chief Executive Officer

GHL Systems PhilippinesPRESENTER: GHL Systems is one of the region’s largest payment providers with operations across most of Asia as well as Australia, Romania and the Middle East. Rey is one of the industry’s most experienced leaders of designing debit, credit card payments and loyalty applications.
Dustin Andaya
Chief Executive Officer

Island RosePRESENTER: Called the “King of Roses”, Dustin was a revolutionary when he began in 2000 by introducing the Philippine’s first nationwide flower delivery service on the internet. Today his company remains the nation’s largest supplier of flowers.
Pradeep Bhanotha
Chief Executive Officer

AIG Shared ServicesPRESENTER: Pradeep oversees a large IT organization across Philippines, India and other countries providing global systems development and support for AIG.
Gian Javelona
Chief Executive Officer

OrangeAppsPRESENTER: At age 19, Gian became a national celebrity by creating the first mobile app to manage school records and enrolment. His systems are now used by schools and universities across the country for grades, HR, payroll and enrolment. He is the most recent winner of the Forbes 30 under 30 for enterprise technology 2017.
Miguel Cuneta
Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer

Satoshi Citadel IndustriesPRESENTER: Miguel’s company is considered the nation’s premier proponent of Bitcoin cyber currency as the future for payment technology. Bitcoin has a particularly strong opportunity in Philippines because of its huge remittance sector and perceived high transaction costs.
Lars Jeppesen
Chief Executive Officer

TechOne GlobalPRESENTER: Lars is considered one of the region’s most innovative tech entrepreneurs. His company has operations in locations as diverse as Sri Lanka, Brunei, Singapore, Nepal, Bangladesh and Philippines (where Lars is based).


BE WITH US on Thursday, June 22 at the Manila Marriott for Asia TECH Summit 2017, presented by SPiGlobal,  with Elite Sponsorship by JLL, Regus,  Sprout Solutions and TechOne Global.   The price of admission is Php5,000 and includes elegant lunch and snacks — Php5,500 if paid at the event.

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Asia Real Estate Summit 2017 – May 24 Manila

Asia Real Estate Summit 2017 – May 24 Manila

Hear all about the sector where fortunes are being made and almost everyone wants in, Asia Real Estate Summit 2017 on Wednesday, May 24 at the Manila Marriott — a full-day event.  Asia Real Estate 2017

REGISTER HERE. The price of admission is Php5,000 and includes sumptuous lunch and hors d’oeuvres — Php5,500 if paid at the event.

Not only does Philippines have the fastest growing economy in Asia, but it also has the fastest growing real estate market. The theme for this year’s event is “This time It’s Different?” Filipino developers continue to amaze at the quality, utility and beauty of their new developments — while sometimes forgetting density and transit issues.  Get updated on what is happening across the nation and across the world.

The event will feature key leaders from the two fastest growing regions of the country – Bong Alvaro of Clark, Angeles and Cary Lagdameo of Davao. Regina Lim, Southeast Asia Head of Capital Markets Research for JLL, will describe the colossal global trends that are transforming real estate forever. Arnel Casanova, the prominent former CEO of BCDA, will present for the first time since finishing his stellar work at the huge government agency.

Three of the industry’s most prominent next generation icons, Faraday Go (Robinsons Land), Russell Sy (SM Prime) and Cary Lagdamaeo (Damosa Land), will present for the first time.  Roel Refran of the PSE will discuss critical financial opportunities for the real estate sector.   Alice Eduardo of Sta. Elena Construction will describe how she is building much of Manila Bay Entertainment District that many feel is key to the nation’s future as a tourism destination. Romolo Nati of Italpinas is one of the country’s best known developers of sustainable real estate.     Asia Real Estate Summit 2017, presented by JLL, with Elite Sponsorship by Regus and Sprout Solutions.



Presenters of Asia Real Estate Summit 2017 include (in approximate order of appearance):

Sheila Lobien Regional Director and Head of Project Leasing JLL Philippines

OPENING: Sheila is well known across the nation as one of the nation’s most powerful commercial real estate deal makers.


Roel Refran Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)

PRESENTER: Roel is a CPA-lawyer with 2 decades of experience in law, finance, and capital market regulation. He is a Professor of Law at Ateneo de Manila University School of Law and Adjunct Professor at University of the Philippines Virata School of Business.


Faraday Go General Manager – Office Buildings Division Robinsons Land

PRESENTER: Faraday oversees one of the nation’s fastest growing commercial real estate developers. He is considered one of the nation’s most powerful up-and-coming industry leaders.


Arnel Casanova Chief Executive Officer Aecom Philippines

PRESENTER: Arnel oversees country operations of AECOM, ranked the world #1 engineering design firm by revenue with operations in 150 countries. Previously, Arnel was the highly respected CEO of Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) who spearheaded many of the nation’s largest development projects at former bases across the nation.


Bong Alvaro President BB International Leisure and Resort Development

PRESENTER: Irineo “Bong” Alvaro is considered one of most important leading figures developing Clark as a national business hub. He recently completed construction of the first 5-star hotel in Clark. He is also opening the nation’s largest water park. Bong is considered one of the region’s leading figures in developing Clark.


Alice Eduardo CEO and President Sta. Elena Construction & Development

PRESENTER: Called the Woman of Steel, Alice built her construction company into one of the nation’s largest. Sta. Elena built most of SM Mall of Asia (the nation’s largest) and SM Malls across the nation. It also provided major construction works for most of Entertainment City’s major structures: Solaire Resort, City of Dreams Manila, Manila Bay Resort and the Resorts World Bayshore.


Romolo Nati CEO and Executive Chairman Italpinas Development Corporation

PRESENTER: Romolo is multi-awarded Italian architect with strong interest in sustainable real estate development at PSE-listed Italpinas.


Russell Sy Head, Commercial Properties Group SM Prime

PRESENTER: Russell is considered an elite next generation leader in the real estate sector. As head of the commercial property at SM Prime, he oversees one the nation’s largest portfolios.


Cary Lagdameo Vice President Damosa Land

PRESENTER: Cary has been behind Davao’s first large scale modern industrial parks and urban mixed-use developments in Mindanao. He will give a broad description of the opportunities for investors in his region, considered the fastest growing in the nation.


Regina Lim Head of Capital Markets Research, Southeast Asia JLL Asia Pacific

PRESENTER: Regina is considered the most important source for real estate trends and information in the region. She oversees a research group for Southeast Asia at JLL, the region’s largest real estate advisor.


Darcy Lalonde Chairman and CEO syncHRony Global

PANELIST: Darcy is considered one of the nation’s most successful entrepreneurs with businesses in IT-BPO, hospitality and now real estate.


Lars Wittig Country Manager Regus – Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia

PANELIST: Lars oversees the nation’s largest flexible workspace empire. Philippine country operations are the fastest growing in the world for Regus and he now oversees operations in Vietnam and Cambodia.


Dr. Winston Padojinog President University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P)

PANELIST: Winston is one of the country’s most prominent real estate economists, as well as, President of UA&P, one of the nation’s most respected educational institutions.



BE WITH US on Wednesday, May 4 at the Manila Marriott for Asia Real Estate Summit 2017, presented by JLL with Elite Sponsorship by Regus and Sprout Solutions.


The price of admission is Php5,000 and includes elegant lunch and snacks — Php5,500 if paid at the event.




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