Contact Islands 2018 “Leading with CX in a Digital World”

Contact Islands Conference

We are pleased to announce Contact Islands 2018 “Leading with CX in a Digital World” on July 25 – 26, 2018 at Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort and Spa, Cebu Philippines.

The Philippines continues to lead in Customer Experience in the contact center space and remains focused in making the customer the center of all its endeavors. The country remains prepared to take on this challenge as it brings out the best in the Filipino BPO worker.

It is excited with what these challenges are poised to bring: new business models, new service delivery locations, and new jobs that will be created in the new digital economy.

Contact Islands 2018 is a continuation of our conversation on issues that matter most to our industry in the digital age: empowered customers, hybrid workforce, jobs of the future, new service delivery models and more.

contact islands 2018

The conference is organised by the Contact Center Association of the Philippines.

Registration details can be found here.

Conference Schedule Summary

Full schedule details can be found here
Upgrading Delivery Models
CX Journey Maps in the Digital Future

With customers having more touch points than ever to engage brands, effectively mapping customer journeys becomes critical. This session looks at learning from leading enterprises and highlights best practices for creating and leveraging customer journey maps in order to deliver impactful digital customer experiences
Right for the Job: Harvesting the Right Talent

With evolving skill set requirements for agents of the future, companies need to plan appropriately with long term strategies for recruitment to people with higher skills, targeted demographics, and through new recruitment channels and building compelling employer brands. Join leading voices from the industry talk about their experiences in scaling up, trying new skill sets, and their vision for hiring from the source talent pool of the future

Implementing Digital Contact Center Technologies:

Practioners Perspectives

Service providers’ role is evolving from simple customer service delivery to that of taking the lead in technology driven transformation. Service Providers are increasingly asked to support clients in adopting technology and targeting it’s impact for the desired CX outcomes. This session focuses on Philippines-based SPs making tech adoption more impactful for their operations and for their clients’ business

Networking Dinner


Jobs of the Future: Will We Pivot on Time?

With changing consumer and client expectations, skill competencies and job requirements in contact centers are significantly changing . This session provides an overview of the soft and technical skills of the future. We’ll begin with a global view of how the talent model is evolving followed by a deep-dive on the Philippines, with a special focus on how roles are evolving to reflect emerging competencies growing in demand.

Opening Proceedings
The Empowered Customer in the Age of Digital Care

Industries across the globe are facing profound paradigm shifts driven by new business models, supported by innovative, disruptive innovations. Amidst the changing business landscape, the focus on customers has become even more critical than ever before. This session aims to build a better understanding of the “new-age” customer and their expectations, focusing on both existing customer segments as well as millennials. The session reinforces the importance of staying focused on customers while in the midst of adopting new models and undergoing transformation.
Coffee Break
Gearing Up for the Hybrid Workforce: Humans + Machines

Next gen technologies such as AI, automation, and advanced analytics is changing the way companies operates. As humans and machines work more closely and collaborate, processes can become more fluid and adaptive and help organizations become more innovative and profitable. This session brings in the views of the leading industry voices on how they are getting ready for this shift and the kind of the steps they are taking, including the changes coming to the overall CX approach. Further, it explores how the collaborative Human + Machine service delivery model will enhance outcomes and result in more impact than ever before.

Personalization is the New Differentiation

This session will focus on the role played by analytics (predictive, sentiment, speech analytics etc.), automation and AI in delivering a customized customer experience. It will also detail the implementation steps involved and agents training needed to enable this capability. The panel brings together technology solution providers with business service providers who work together to deliver targeted experiences for different customer categories
Driving Greater Workforce Engagement

The role of agent workforce in the success of industry is more pronounced than ever before with the increasing requirements for new-age technical and soft skills, and increasing interaction between a multi-generational workforce. Leading industry players have been able to successfully engage workforce to drive better customer experience. This session looks at measures and means employed to engage workforce, the challenges faced and key outcomes/benefits derived
Why Our Current Score Card Won’t Work

Given the high-focus on transformation and change, maintaining oversight of service delivery metrics and measuring expectations is becoming even more challenging. Providers and enterprises need to balance the focus on traditional impacts (e.g., productivity enhancement, efficiency) and new areas of impact (improved CX, automation, new channel adoption etc.). This session explores trends around how to evolve performance metrics to more closely align with business outcomes.

Achieving Seamless and Consistent Omni-Channel Delivery

Rapidly increasing scale of non-voice services and next-generation technology-enabled solutions make it important to focus on delivering a seamless and consistent omnichannel experience. Speakers talk about the current levels of omni-channel implementation, the challenges, and the vision forward
Customer Centric Culture: The Soul of CX

How is the work environment, company culture, trainings, and appraisal mechanisms tuned to make agents better oriented for customer centricity? This session brings insights from leaders who have driven the change to a more “customer centric” organization and explores on how they orient their teams to follow this vision
Off the Grid: Expanding in the Countryside

With companies increasing delivery presence outside Manila and Cebu, this session is focused on talent availability, quality, and key factors to consider when leveraging the next-wave cities. Special focus on type and breadth of work which is possible from these centers, how they match up to delivery performance from Manila, and investments needed in training and set-up.

Closing Networking Dinner

Adapting to the Change: Targeted Strategies and Recommendations

The closing session for the conference brings together leaders of the Philippines-based companies reviewing and summarizing the discussion across plenary and breakout sessions over the past two days. Further, the session takes forward the discussion around the changes impacting the industry, calls for audience to share their own perspectives on the industry trends, and concludes with panelists highlighting some actionable recommendations for the Philippines contact center industry

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