Asia CEO Forum February 26 2020

Arthur Tugade, Secretary of Transportation, describes the amazing story of infrastructure development in the Philippines at Asia CEO Forum on

Wednesday, February 26 (8am to 10:00am)

at the Manila Marriott,

Newport City Complex, Pasay City


“Build, Build, Build” is becoming “Use, Use, Use” and putting Philippines on the global economic map.  International organizations that previously had bad attitudes about the Philippines (and Duterte) are now gushing with praise.  “The Economist” reports glowingly on the gargantuan infrastructure program of the Duterte administration.  

Asian Development Bank (ADB) lent the Philippines more than 67 countries last year (only India, with 10X the population, got more). The government estimates that about 50 of the 100 “Build, Build, Build” projects will be completed by 2022.  ADB says ecstatically if only 30 finish, it would be “hugely successful.”

+ Will Secretary Tugate finish in time for the next election?
+ Can the Philippines really enter the big-leagues of global economies?
+ Will Duterte’s sky-high approval ratings go even higher?
+ Can we prevent the next government from killing everything after the election?

Get the full story from the remarkable Arthur Tugade, Secretary of Transportation, at Asia CEO Forum on February 26 (8am to 10:00am) at the Manila Marriott.  The price of admission is just Php1,500 and includes 5-star breakfast (Php2,000 if paid at the event).   REGISTER HERE.     

Asia CEO Events is the largest and only national business event series in the Philippines.  Senior business leaders come from across Asia for events in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, Clark and other locations.  See future events at . 

DATE AND TIME February 26th, 2020
7:45 am – 10:30 am

Shame on them! Shame on anyone who says this government’s infrastructure program is not making massive progress.  All knowledgeable observers say the Duterte Administration’s “Build, Build, Build” agenda to spend 9 Trillion pesos (US$177 Billion) constructing new infrastructure will have a profound impact on the nation that will extend for generations to come.  

Hear Transport Secretary Arthur Tugade tell it himself at the next Asia CEO Forum on February 26 (8am to 10:00am) at the Manila Marriott.  Expect a complete update on the remarkable progress.

The work being done is being enthusiastically noticed around the world.  The influential global financial magazine “The Economist” recently reported in rare glowing terms about Duterte’s infrastructure program, “The Philippines… to Unclog.”

Asian Development Bank (ADB), previously known to be pessimistic about the country’s progress, has become one of its biggest boosters.  It lent the Philippines more than any other country last year — with the exception of India, a country with 10 times the population.  

The government estimates that about 50 of the 100 “Build, Build, Build” projects should be completed by 2022.  The ADB says if just 30 are completed it would be “hugely successful.”

Can Secretary Tugate finish everything in time for the next election?  Will this mark the Philippines’ entry to the global economic big-leagues?  What will be the impact of approval ratings on Duterte, already one of the world’s most popular politicians?  Will the next government kill everything a week after the election?  


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