Productive Differently-Abled Association (PDAAS)

We recently received a letter from the PDAAS charity which is included below. Any company or organisation who can help this organisation in any way should contact them directly.


Dear Sir/Maam;

We, the PRODUCTIVE DIFFERENTLY-ABLED ASSOCIATION (PDAAS), dole register # GSC-ROX11-2012-046.This is a differently People with Disability Organizations, It is a  Non-profit and  Non-Stock, we associated our-self and form as Group  of Persons with Disabilities, we are looking for affiliation or to be our partners to support PWDs Programs/Services for the implementation directly to those bonafide dwellers recipients and among other less-fortunate Family members in any  grant and aid to support for our Organization especially to the People with Disability Community welfare.

 I have the honor to apply for Application into your good office to be our benefactor and support by being partnership for any Grant and Aid assistance availability for livelihood programs, educational assistance for the Children s and   intended to the Persons with Disability, Less-Fortunate Tribal Community Members, out of school youth, w omen’s group, farmers, fisher folks and other related project to support the programs/services for the said people organization at Glan Sarangani Province.

 WHEREAS: the PRODUCTIVE DIFFERENTLY-ABLE ASSOCIATION represent PWDs Sector/differently community organization Should be in dire need support and partners FROM YOUR ORGANIZATION into our areas were in Glan Sarangani Province and nearby,  as part of your extension arms for PWDs Filipinos here in Sarangani Province.

 WHEREAS: The PDAAS, shall ensure  every Persons with Disability and Less-fortunate Family members of tribal People as legitimate  Beneficiaries for the Programs/Services being recipients and spiritual growth,whose rights and privileges are protected hereby the Constitution as contributing to their dignity as individual for freeing them to any neglected, discrimination, exploitation and abuses.

 WHEREAS: The PDAAS Goals and Objectives is to provide and Equip the Capability Development Building Programs to those Persons with Disability and Less-Fortunate family members, Students in every school campuses, Community in different areas of concern, Educational Assistance, Livelihood Project  and also to  monitor and evaluate every People With Disability community with their participatory not only by way of christian life but also perform a role as mankind to their respective community and become more responsible and productive economically with societal christian citizens.

 WHEREAS: I am Marcelo P. Mongkil, Polio Victim a resident of  Cablalan Glan, Sarangani Province. President of the PRODUCTIVE DIFFERENTLY -ABLED ASSOCIATION (PDAAS). To humbly ask the great favor request to the , Board of Directors  for the  said availability Grant and Aid for Person with Disability and Less-fortunate family members of the differently Tribal People. Considering the important role shall be given priority by the body or sponsor partners for the implementation of programs and services to every PERSONS WITH DISABILITY and Less-Fortunate Family Members.


In Christ Name.

Contact Person:

Cellphone No: +639068263978
Email add:
Brgy. Cablalan, Glan, Sarangani Province

Register Number: GSC-ROXII-2012-046


the PHOTO Attach are the part of our great charity work  for the Less fortunate Children with Disability and belong to the very Poor family. we distribution of School Supplies, such as School Bags, Shoes, Notebooks, Ball pen, Pencil, Uniform and other supplies for students,
all are donated by: FRIENDS

if you give as a chance we will continuously perform the programs/services for advocacy to educate and training PWDs individual, Parents with Differently Disabilities and  Less- fortunate Family Community Members for their  capability development building and we also help  for  educational assistance for the POOR people with Disability and Less-fortunate Family Community, thru your great heart for giving as a Grant and Aid,


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