Philippines growth out ranks UK growth for Hairbyus is a UK headquartered business which has recently launched its services on a global basis. The Philippines growth out ranks UK growth by at least a margin of 50% reflecting the Philippines national interest in all things to do with hair. Registrations to the free Hairbyus website are increasing in both the UK and the Philippines as well as most countries in the World. The Philippines, with a population approaching 100 million, is already in the top 10 league table for users of Hairbyus.

Hair by Us was developed in the UK to offer two key solutions:

• To make it easier for the consumer to find highly skilled hair stylists with a clear skills portfolio displaying their work.
• To provide hair stylists with a community platform to garner exposure whilst attracting a wider client base.

HairByUs has set out to create a Social Media directory platform where potential clients can easily connect with professional stylists who can capture the vision of their desired hairstyles.

HairByUs gives stylists the freedom to manage and upload their own hair images through a virtual portfolio providing a powerful tool that reaches out to potential clients in seconds.

This innovative peer-to-peer platform provides a personalized user experience and is akin to having an online stylist that understands the client’s hair preferences. It takes into account a user’s likes and dislikes, hair vision, hair type, texture and length. This process ensures that users are only notified about new hairstyle listings that are suited to their individual preferences, whilst also matching them with the most suitable hair stylists in their area.

Hairbyus is supported by a free must have mobile app allowing for immediate portfolio uploads straight from the styling chair.

HairByUs has already begun gaining traction with well known stylists and popular bloggers throughout the world including Hector Obeng (Hectors Global Hair With Zeal), celebrity hair stylist Eugene Davies (Mary J Blige/Sanaa Lathan) and Andree Marie.

“Since joining I’ve gained new clients, for me it’s a platform to attract new clients and showcase what I can do. People are able to browse my portfolio and request what they like.” Andree Marie
“A platform like is Genius and exactly what the hair industry needs. It’s a great way to showcase your collections and attract new clients. I wish a platform like this existed when I was coming up as a hairdresser.” Eugene Davis

“I felt the zeal in this new exciting app. Setting up my portfolio and uploading my hairstyles is effortless. is like a Facebook for hairstyles and I think it’s the next big thing for the hairdressing community.” Hector Obeng





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