Asia TECH Summit 2017

Visit Asia TECH Summit 2017 to learn how your business can prosper — or at least save it from being wiped out.

Join us Thursday, June 22 at the Manila Marriott — a full-day event.  

Asia TECH Summit 2017, presented by SPi Global, with Elite Sponsorship by JLL, Regus, Sprout Solutions and TechOne Global features the elite of the industry that is revolutionizing everything it touches and laying waste to companies and business concepts in place for decades.

The theme of Asia TECH Summit 2017 is “Pardon the Inconvenience . . .   Making the World Better.” Presenters are many of the most prominent industry leaders speaking on diverse topics:

+Ratan Datta, CEO of SPi Global, will tell how he is transforming the nation’s most successful homegrown BPO company.

+Dan Ternes, CTO of Delta Capital, intends to show how FinTech will be the end of traditional banking.

+Pradeep Bhanotha, CEO of AIG Shared Services, will share his challenges at the world’s most successful IT Shared Services organization.

+Lars Jeppesen, CEO of TechOne Global, the regional tech powerhouse, will explain cyber security and the other threats we all face.

+Miguel Cuneta, of SCI, will finally explain Bitcoin and the outrageous changes that cyber currencies are causing. +Gian Javelona, CEO of OrangeApps, was recently recognized in the Forbes 30 Under 30 for his fantastic startup success.

+Dustin Andaya, CEO of Island Rose, is called the “King of Roses” and dominates the online flower business in Philippines.

+Magellan Fetalino, CEO of Acudeen, won a US$500k grand prize for his company’s innovative FinTech solutions.

+Rey Chumacera, CEO of GHL Systems, runs one of the nation’s largest payment providers.

Be with us for Asia TECH Summit 2017, presented by SPi Global, with Elite Sponsorship by JLL, Regus, Sprout Solutions and TechOne Global featuring the nation’s most important technology leaders.

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Speakers for Asia TECH Summit 2017 include (in approximate order of appearance):

Ratan Datta
President and Chief Executive Officer

SPi GlobalPRESENTER: Ratan runs the world leader in technology-driven solutions for the extraction, enrichment and transformation of content and one of the nation’s most storied companies. Dramatic changes has dictated that Ratan must completely re-invent SPi as a technology company in order to remain the industry leader.
Magellan Fetalino
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Acudeen TechnologiesPRESENTER: Magellan runs the first online technology marketplace in Philippines that helps SME companies get access to operating capital from financial institutions by getting paid early for their receivables. Acudeen was big recent winner of US$500,000 grand prize from Seedstars competition. He is also a partner of Original Pitch Venture Capital firm.
Dan Ternes
Chief Technology Officer, Asia

Delta CapitalPRESENTER: Dan works with many of the world’s largest banking organizations to implement fintech solutions that are re-inventing the global industry (and saving it from being disruptive to extinction).
Rey Chumacera
Chief Executive Officer

GHL Systems PhilippinesPRESENTER: GHL Systems is one of the region’s largest payment providers with operations across most of Asia as well as Australia, Romania and the Middle East. Rey is one of the industry’s most experienced leaders of designing debit, credit card payments and loyalty applications.
Dustin Andaya
Chief Executive Officer

Island RosePRESENTER: Called the “King of Roses”, Dustin was a revolutionary when he began in 2000 by introducing the Philippine’s first nationwide flower delivery service on the internet. Today his company remains the nation’s largest supplier of flowers.
Pradeep Bhanotha
Chief Executive Officer

AIG Shared ServicesPRESENTER: Pradeep oversees a large IT organization across Philippines, India and other countries providing global systems development and support for AIG.
Gian Javelona
Chief Executive Officer

OrangeAppsPRESENTER: At age 19, Gian became a national celebrity by creating the first mobile app to manage school records and enrolment. His systems are now used by schools and universities across the country for grades, HR, payroll and enrolment. He is the most recent winner of the Forbes 30 under 30 for enterprise technology 2017.
Miguel Cuneta
Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer

Satoshi Citadel IndustriesPRESENTER: Miguel’s company is considered the nation’s premier proponent of Bitcoin cyber currency as the future for payment technology. Bitcoin has a particularly strong opportunity in Philippines because of its huge remittance sector and perceived high transaction costs.
Lars Jeppesen
Chief Executive Officer

TechOne GlobalPRESENTER: Lars is considered one of the region’s most innovative tech entrepreneurs. His company has operations in locations as diverse as Sri Lanka, Brunei, Singapore, Nepal, Bangladesh and Philippines (where Lars is based).


BE WITH US on Thursday, June 22 at the Manila Marriott for Asia TECH Summit 2017, presented by SPiGlobal,  with Elite Sponsorship by JLL, Regus,  Sprout Solutions and TechOne Global.   The price of admission is Php5,000 and includes elegant lunch and snacks — Php5,500 if paid at the event.

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