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Impact of Global Economic Turbulence on SE Asia

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office have just published a very good report about the impact of the global economic turbulence on SE Asia. It considers the position on all the countries in SE Asia, including The Philippines. The report starts by likening the Greek potential debt default and the global economic situation to two dogs. …

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Transport Sector in the Philippines

UK Trade & Investment have recently produced a report into the transport sector in the Philippines. Developments in the transport are moving ahead with a number of major infrastructure projects in the pipeline. Read the full report here. Transport sector in the Philippines [1] Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

The Challenge of Corruption

UK Trade & Investment has recently published a report into corruption in the Philippines. Corruption is the Philippines’ single biggest challenge, undermining the country’s development and impeding UK business prospects. There are signs of progress in the President’s efforts to tackle the problem.Read the full report here. Philippines_ the Challenge of Corruption – September 2011[1] …

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